PM081: Detailed reporting requirements under Article 10.1c of EU Transparency Regulation Commission Regulation No 543 2013

Article 10.1c of EU Transparency Regulation (Commission Regulation No 543/2013) (hereafter “the Transparency Regulation”) requires that “changes in the actual availability of off-shore grid infrastructure that reduce wind power feed-in by 100MW or more during at least one market time unit” are reported to the ENTSO for Electricity. NGET, as data provider under the Regulation, will enter the required information into a newly-designed and dedicated system (Market Operation Data Interface System or MODIS) which will be used to transmit the information to the Central European Transparency Platform operated by ENTSO-E. However, the Detailed Data Descriptions document (part of a suite of documents that accompany the Manual of Procedures required under Article 5 of the Regulation) published alongside Regulation clearly sets out that the Primary Owner of Data for this Article is the “owner of the asset”. Whilst there are a number of requirements within the current code for OFTOs to report any outages to the NETSO, in order to demonstrate compliance with the Transparency Regulation, it is necessary to make the exact data items to be reported (and the timescales for doing so) more explicit so as to provide clarity for users.

Modification status: Concluded

Last updated: 13 May 2020