SQSS Modifications

You can raise a modification – or mod – when you want to propose a change to any part of the SQSS. 

For more information or for help raising an SQSS modification, please contact [email protected].

Search for any current or concluded modifications by name or ID. You can sort mods by ID, name, status or date of update. Or filter according to status.

ID Sort ascending NameAffectedStatusLast updated
GSR028GSR028: Making the SQSS Gender Neutral Current 24 May 2022
GSR027GSR027: Review of the NETS SQSS Criteria for Frequency Control that drive reserve, response and inertia holding on the GB electricity system Concluded 29 Nov 2021
GSR026GSR026: Adding Non- Standard Voltages to the SQSS Concluded 29 Nov 2021
GSR025GSR025: Updating the SQSS to reflect the recent modification to Engineering Recommendation P28 Concluded 29 Nov 2021
GSR024GSR024: National Grid Legal Separation Changes Concluded 13 May 2020
GSR023GSR023: Clarification of the N-1-1 Requirements and minor housekeeping change Concluded 26 Feb 2020
GSR022GSR022: Review of Security and Economy Required Transfer Conditions Concluded 3 Dec 2021
GSR021GSR021: Operational and Planning Criteria for 220kV Transmission Assets Concluded 26 Feb 2020
GSR020GSR020: Modification of Clause to Allow Single Transformer Offshore Substations of Capacity Greater Than 90MW Concluded 26 Feb 2020
GSR019GSR019: Review of Chapter 7 Double Busbar Requirements Concluded 26 Feb 2020