GSR026: Adding Non- Standard Voltages to the SQSS

Following the rejection of modification GSR021 to the System Quality and Standards of Supply (SQSS) by Ofgem, this modification is being raised to seek modifications to the SQSS. A separate modification will be raised to modify the Grid Code. The modifications are looking to incorporate equipment at nominal voltages other than those that are currently used within the Codes. It is also proposed to align the SQSS with the Grid Code with the term ‘supergrid’ being referred to as a voltage over 200kV.


Modification status: Concluded

Last updated: 29 November 2021

Code Administrator Contact[email protected]

Governance Route: Standard Governance


Medium: Any users subject to requirements of the Grid Code installing equipment at novel voltages, who will gain clarity.

Low: Users subject to requirements of the Grid Code of equipment at standard voltages who will see no change.

Implemented: 01 April 2021


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