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Network charging developments and Charging Futures

On this page you’ll find out how we’re working with industry on the future of electricity network charging, and how to keep up with these developments through Charging Futures.

Watch our video for an overview of Charging Futures.

Network charging developments and Charging Futures

Charging arrangements are fundamental to how the electricity market works to meet our energy needs. As we transition to a more decarbonised, decentralised, and digitised energy system, network charging arrangements need to evolve with it.

We’ll be supporting industry with this change through the Charging Futures Forum - a place for industry to understand, collaborate, and shape the implementation of significant electricity network charging
reform across the whole system.

What have we done?

In July 2016, we ran charging seminars with industry representatives about what the future of charging could look like. You can read a summary of our 2016 findings on the industry electricity charging seminars page.

In March 2017, Ofgem consulted on the scope and delivery of a Targeted Charging Review. We responded to this consultation, feeding in our analysis and findings from our 2016 charging seminars. You can read our response to Ofgem’s TCR consultation and their preceding open letter at the bottom of this page.

Where are we now?

In our role as System Operator, Ofgem appointed National Grid as Lead Secretariat for Charging Futures Forum and the Charging Delivery Body in August 2017. These two groups will coordinate reviews in electricity network charging – making sure that they deliver better outcomes for current and future consumers.

The Charging Futures website and first quarterly forum will launch in Autumn 2017 and is open to all network users, owners and energy consumers.

Where we go next?

As the Electricity System Operator prepares to play a more independent and enhanced role from 2019, we want to test innovative approaches to managing industry code change through Charging Futures. Our ambition is to make charging reform accessible, inclusive and simple to understand.

If you have any suggestions on how we can do this, please get in touch.


More about charging development


Charging Futures

A website with plain-English information on all major electricity network charging reviews and reforms is now available here 

Connection and Use of System (CUSC) proposals

National Grid and other stakeholders raise CUSC proposals when there is a need for incremental change to the way we charge for transmission. You can find out more information on existing CUSC modifications on the CUSC page

Ofgem’s Targeted Charging Review

In March 2017 Ofgem consulted the industry on the need for a Targeted Charging Review. Within this consultation Ofgem set out thoughts on a way to coordinate changes to charging, including an electricity transmission charging review. You can read more about this on the Ofgem Targeted Charging Review pages.

ENA Open Networks Project

The Electricity Networks Association (ENA) launched a major industry initiative in December 2016 called ‘Open Networks’. This includes involvement from energy regulator Ofgem and will progress the transition to a DSO to enable a smart, flexible energy system. An integral workstream for this project is considering network charging, and we are playing a key role within this workstream. You can find further details of the Open Networks Project on the ENA website.

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Future of the electricity system operator

You can read more about the future role of the electricity system operator and what this means for industry codes on the Future of electricity system operator page.

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