Grid Code Modifications

You can raise a modification – or mod – when you want to propose a change to any part of the Grid Code. 

For more information, please contact [email protected]

Search for any current or concluded modifications by name or ID. You can sort mods by ID, name, status or date of update. Or filter according to status.

ID Sort ascending NameAffectedStatusLast updated
GC0157GC0157: Grid Code Housekeeping modification Current 20 Jul 2022
GC0156GC0156: Facilitating the Implementation of the Electricity System Restoration Standard Current 11 Aug 2022
GC0155GC0155: Clarification of Fault Ride Through Technical Requirements Current 4 Aug 2022
GC0154GC0154: Incorporation of interconnector ramping requirements into the Grid Code as per SOGL Article 119 Current 4 Aug 2022
GC0153GC0153: Making the Grid Code Gender Neutral Concluded 9 Mar 2022
GC0152GC0152: Updating the Grid Code governance process to ensure we capture network code on electricity emergency and restoration (NCER) change process for Article 4 Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) Concluded 14 Jan 2022
GC0151GC0151: Grid Code Compliance with Fault Ride Through Requirements Concluded 29 Nov 2021
GC0150GC0150: Housekeeping change post- GC0147 implementation Concluded 7 Dec 2021
GC0149GC0149 - Grid Code changes to reflect the terms of the UK’s departure from the EU Concluded 9 Aug 2021
GC0148GC0148: Implementation of EU Emergency and Restoration Code Phase II Current 4 Aug 2022