Grid Code Modifications

You can raise a modification – or mod – when you want to propose a change to any part of the Grid Code. 

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IDNameAffectedStatusLast updated
GC0153GC0153: Making the Grid Code Gender Neutral Current 29 Nov 2021
GC0152GC0152: Updating the Grid Code governance process to ensure we capture network code on electricity emergency and restoration (NCER) change process for Article 4 Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) Current 29 Nov 2021
GC0151GC0151: Grid Code Compliance with Fault Ride Through Requirements Concluded 29 Nov 2021
GC0150GC0150 -Housekeeping change post- GC0147 implementation Concluded 3 Nov 2021
GC0149GC0149 - Grid Code changes to reflect the terms of the UK’s departure from the EU Concluded 9 Aug 2021
GC0148GC0148: Implementation of EU Emergency and Restoration Code Phase II Current 22 Nov 2021
GC0147GC0147: Last resort disconnection of Embedded Generation – enduring solution Concluded 9 Aug 2021
GC0146GC0146: Solutions for frequency control of Power Park Modules Current 14 Oct 2021
GC0144GC0144: Alignment of Market Suspension Rights to the EU Emergency and Restoration Code Article 35.1(b) Concluded 26 May 2021
GC0145GC0145: Updating the Grid Code to include the Manually Activated Reserve Initiative (MARI) Concluded 30 Apr 2021