GC0099: Establishing a common approach to interconnector scheduling consistent with the single intraday market coupling processes set out within Regulation EU 2015 1222 CACM

This modification seeks to introduce the interconnector scheduled transfer process to the Grid Code in order to establish common timings which are compatible with both the EU single intraday market coupling processes, and GB and EU balancing processes. CACM aims to promote effective competition in the generation, trading and supply of electricity and foresees the development of more liquid intraday markets which give parties the ability to balance their positions closer to real time should help to integrate renewable energy sources into the Union electricity market.

Modification status: Concluded

Last updated: 24 March 2020

This modification was raised by:

Robert Selbie (National Grid) in April 2017

The governance route for this modification is:


The impact of this modification is on:

Transmission system owners and operators most notably interconnector owners. This modification is linked to TSO compliance with EU Regulation 2015/1222 (CACM).