Pricing Proposal Webinar

8 September 2021, 2pm

Location: MS TEAMS

Topic: Codes

Category: Webinar

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Article 6(4) of the Clean Energy Package (CEP) obliges TSOs to settle balancing energy (utilisation) on a pay-as-clear (PAC) basis for standard and specific balancing products. Currently all balancing products in GB use a pay-as-bid (PAB) settlement for balancing energy.

Prior to the UK's exit from the European Union, Acer had approved a European Pricing Proposal (EPP) that outlined when and how PAC would be applicable. Ofgem have directed the ESO to develop a Pricing Proposal (PP) that is specific to the GB market, negating the need for multiple derogations

We have been working closely with Ofgem to develop this proposal and are now seeking your views before we formally consult.

A webinar was held on 8 September 2021. This webinar will be followed by a consultation later in the month.

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