Consultation Closed: EBGL Article 26: Proposal for Defining and Using Specific Products for Dynamic Containment, STOR and the BM

When: 28 October 2020, 10:00  –  30 November 2020, 10:00

Service Area: Codes

Category: Consultation

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In accordance with the requirements of EBGL Article 26, we consulted on the use of Dynamic Containment, Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR) and the Balancing Mechanism (BM) as a specific product.

On 23 September 2020, we sent a proposal to Ofgem to define and use Dynamic Containment (DC) as a specific product for energy balancing in Great Britain (GB). This proposal was sent in accordance with Article 26 of Commission Regulation (EU) 2017/21952 establishing a guideline on electricity balancing (the EBGL Regulation).

Ofgem approved the proposal on the condition that we hold a full consultation on the proposal for one month beginning in October 2020. 

The approval letter we received from Ofgem can be viewed by clicking here.

In addition to the Dynamic Containment Article 26 document, the consultation also covers the updated Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR) and the Balancing Mechanism (BM) Article 26 document following OFGEM’s Request for an Amendment. The two documents are being publicly consulted on together in order to streamline the process for both industry and OFGEM.