CUSC Modifications

You can raise a modification – or mod – when you want to propose a change to any part of the CUSC. 

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Search for any current or concluded modifications by name or ID. You can sort mods by ID, name, status or date of update.

ID Sort ascending NameAffectedStatusLast updated
CMP391CMP391: Definition of ‘Charges for Physical Assets Required for Connection’ Current 23 May 2022
CMP390CMP390: Updating application forms to enable disclosure of information to government for purposes of the National Security and Investment (NSI) Act 2021 Current 17 May 2022
CMP389CMP389: Transmission Demand Residual (TDR) band boundaries updates Current 16 May 2022
CMP388CMP388: Transmission Demand Residual (TDR) Minor Clarifications Current 6 May 2022
CMP387CMP387: Removing generation charges from storage operators who provide contracted stability services Concluded 8 Apr 2022
CMP386CMP386: Creating a TNUoS generation classification for storage Concluded 8 Apr 2022
CMP385CMP385: Improvements to Securities and Liabilities provisions within CUSC Current 17 Mar 2022
CMP384CMP384 : Apply adjustments for inflation to manifest error thresholds using Indexation Current 17 May 2022
CMP383CMP383 : Updating recovery of CMP381 deferred costs from 1 April 2022 Current 28 Mar 2022
CMP382CMP382: Amend the terminology used in CUSC Section 14 to align with the definitions of ‘Financial Year’ and ‘Business Day’ within CUSC Section 11 Concluded 9 May 2022