CUSC Modifications

You can raise a modification – or mod – when you want to propose a change to any part of the CUSC. 

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Search for any current or concluded modifications by name or ID. You can sort mods by ID, name, status or date of update.

ID Sort ascending NameAffectedStatusLast updated
CMP379CMP379 'Determining TNUoS demand zones for transmission - connected demand at sites with multiple Distribution Network Operators (DNOs)' Current 30 Sep 2021
CMP378CMP378 'Market-wide Half- Hourly Settlement (MHHS) Implementation and Governance Arrangements' Concluded 17 Oct 2021
CMP377CMP377 'Clarification of Section 14 BSUoS Charging Methodology' Current 6 Oct 2021
CMP376CMP376 'Inclusion of Queue Management process within the CUSC' Current 18 Oct 2021
CMP375CMP375 'Enduring Expansion Constant & Expansion Factor Review' Current 10 Sep 2021
CMP373CMP373 'Deferral of BSUoS billing error adjustment' Concluded 30 Sep 2021
CMP372CMP372 'CUSC changes to reflect the terms of the UK’s departure from the EU' Concluded 3 Aug 2021
CMP371CMP371 'Assessing CUSC Modification Proposals against charging and standard objectives' Current 8 Jul 2021
CMP370CMP370 'Revision of the connection offer acceptance period for interactive connection offers' Current 20 Sep 2021
CMP368 & CMP369CMP368 & CMP369 'Updating Charges for the Physical Assets Required for Connection, Generation Output and Generator charges for the purpose of maintaining compliance with the Limiting Regulation & 'Consequential changes to Section 14 of the CUSC' Current 23 Sep 2021