CMP334: Transmission Demand Residual – consequential definition changes (TCR)

Implemented 14 December 2020 but will not become effective without the other Transmission Demand Residual Modifications which have a 1 April 2022 Implementation Date

The Authority published on 21 November 2019 a Direction to NGESO to raise such modifications as are necessary to give effect to their Decision(s) under the Targeted Charging Review (TCR) SCR. CMP332 is developing a methodology for the Residual to be applied only to ‘Final Demand’ on a ‘Site’ basis (as per the Direction); however CMP332 is not defining these terms and they are not currently defined in CUSC. This proposal seeks to define these terms in a manner which is consistent with DCUSA Change Proposal 359.

Modification status: Concluded

Last updated: 24 January 2021

Code Administrator Contact: Paul J Mullen - [email protected]

Governance Route: Standard 


* High: NGESO, Suppliers, Demand Users (connected to the Transmission Network or Distribution network) and Distribution Network Operators.