CMP319: Consequential changes to Section 11 of the CUSC as a result of CMP280 and/or CMP281

As part of the Workgroup analysis, the Workgroup identified that CMP 280 and 281 are charging modification and as such can only change section 14 of the CUSC.  If either modification is approved changes to other none charging sections of the CUSC will be required. These changes cannot be achieved with CMP280 And CMP281.  The principle addition related to the definitions of storage as a class.  The definitions are common to CMP 280, 281 and their alternates.   

Modification status: Concluded

Last updated: 8 April 2021

Code Administrator Contact: [email protected]

Governance Route: Standard 


* Low: National Grid: Changes will be required to the BSUoS and TNUoS billing systems to tag out the appropriate metered import volumes for the purpose of the BSUoS and TNUoS charging base. Suppliers: The reduced recovery of BSUoS and TNUoS charges from storage operators will need to be recovered from the balance of parties liable to BSUoS and TNUoS.

Implemented: 1 April 2021



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