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CMP305: Removal of the Enhanced Reactive Power Service (ERPS)

The aim of this modification is to remove references to the Enhanced Reactive Power Service (ERPS) from the CUSC. This is an opt-in tendered commercial service for which no tenders have been submitted in seven and a half years, and no contracts have been agreed in nine years. There is an ongoing obligation for NG ESO to issue a request for tenders every six months. Given the administrative burden of running a tender exercise with no participants, the period for which no tenders have been received, and customer feedback, it is proposed that this obligation should be removed from the CUSC.

Modification status: Current - Pending Authority Decision

Last updated: 19 May 2020

Code Administrator Contact: Joseph Henry - [email protected]

Governance Route: Fast Track


* Low: This proposal has low impact on industry and providers of balancing services. No tenders have been received for this service since January 2011, and there have been no new contracts signed since October 2009.