CMP235/CMP236: Introduction of a new Relevant Interruption type / Clarification of when Disconnection Compensation payments can be expected under a Relevant Interruption

CMP235 seeks to amend the description of an Interruption to add a type of Emergency Deenergisation (when a User has had to Emergency Deenergise as a result of the condition or manner of Transmission System operating outside of the Licencee's statutory requirements) as a Relevant Interruption CMP236 seeks to clarify that where station supplies are disconnected solely by National Grid plant or apparatus and the effect of this is to lose the generating units’ output, that this is a Relevant Interruption and that under the CUSC, Interruption payments can include these situations.

Modification status: Concluded

Last updated: 18 June 2020

Code Administrator Contact: Jade Clarke - [email protected]

Governance Route: Standard 


* Medium: CUSC Parties, BSC Parties, National Grid Electricity Transmission plc

Implemented: 10 Working Days after the Authority decision