CAP190: Two-Thirds Majority Voting requirement for CUSC Panel recommendations on Amendments arising from Licence obligations, Authority requests or obligations

It is proposed that where an Amendment Proposal being presented to the CUSC Panel for a recommendation vote has been raised to comply in full or in part with a Licence change, or following an Authority direction, request or obligation (e.g. potentially from a Significant Code Review (SCR) should this be facilitated under the CUSC), a recommendation to implement that Amendment Proposal by the CUSC Amendments Panel must be based on at least two-thirds of votes cast by those Panel members present being in favour of implementation.  Thus if the Panel comprises 7 members plus 1 Consumer Focus representative and 2 National Grid representatives (with one vote) and that all 9 votes are cast, it would take at least 6 votes in favour for the Panel to recommend implementation of such a Proposal.  As at present an abstention would not count as a vote cast.

Modification status: Concluded

Last updated: 18 June 2020

Code Administrator Contact: Emma Clark - [email protected] 

Governance Route: Fast track


* High: CUSC Modifications Panel




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