CAP150: Capacity Reduction

In summary, it is proposed to amend the CUSC to enable The Company to ascertain whether a User’s power station project (Project) will be capable of utilising the transmission capacity provided for in its Bilateral Agreement by the Completion Date.  If the User is unable to provide satisfactory evidence that this is the case then The Company would have the right to propose changes to the User’s Bilateral Agreement and Construction Agreement to reduce the capacity to an appropriate level and revise the Construction Works as necessary to reflect this.  In addition The Company has the ability to recover the cost from the User of any abortive works (or relevant User Commitment Charges) as a consequence of this reduction in capacity and for The Company’s costs associated with processing such changes (as if the changes were requested by the User) on same basis as Modification application Fees. 

Modification status: Concluded

Last updated: 20 August 2021

Code Administrator Contact: TBC

Governance Route: Fast Track

Implemented: 16 May 2008