CAP142: Temporary TEC Changes

CUSC Amendment CAP068 introduced the facility for TEC exchange by means of Exchange Rate Requests to NGET and corresponding Bilateral Agreements between parties. The current arrangements codified in CUSC 6.30.3 only appear to allow TEC trades between parties from the following 1 April on an enduring basis. This product is very inflexible and is probably the reason, as far as the author is aware, it has never been taken up since the modification was introduced. This amendment seeks to introduce a much more flexible approach to TEC exchange such that these can be done between parties within year for variable periods of time as defined in a bilateral agreement. NGET would have a role in identifying the exchange rate applicable between parties as in the current arrangements.

Modification status: Concluded

Last updated: 14 July 2020

Governance Route: Standard 

Implemented: 10 days after decision received 



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