CAP049 - Alternative Amendments

This Amendment proposes to amend the definition of Alternative Amendments contained in the CUSC to make clear that Alternative Amendments may be developed by a Working Group as well as being put forward during industry consultation. Two new definitions will also be added to section 11 to define two new types of Alternative Amendment, namely a "Working Group Alternative Amendment" and a "Consultation Alternative Amendment". National Grid will carry out a separate consultation on any Consultation Alternative Amendments received, but further Consultation alternative amendments will not be accepted during this period. Consultation Alternative Amendments must be transparent and it will not be possible to apply the confidentiality provisions of CUSC to them. The definition of "Alternative Amendment" will be modified so that it may be used in CUSC where appropriate to mean collectively any Working Group or Consultation Amendment Proposal. 

Modification status: Concluded

Last updated: 13 May 2020



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