CAP048 - Firm Access and Temporary Physical Disconnection

Where a CUSC party has purchased firm Connection and Transmission Access, NGC will have an obligation to re-purchase these firm rights if they cannot be delivered.

An obligation will be included in CUSC which will oblige  NGC to purchase CECBMU,  and/or  TEC Station in response to system needs.  When the Transmission System (connection or infrastructure)  has a reduced level of availability due to planned or  forced outage that results in the temporary physical  disconnection of a Generating Unit,  NGC will be required buy back CEC and/ or TEC capability from the user via one of two mechanisms:-

a)  NGC enter into a bi-lateral Transmission Related Agreement (TRA) such that the user has a reduced level of CEC and/or TEC

b) NGC buy back from the user CEC and /or TEC capability at a price that is set down in the Connection Charging Methodology and/or the Use of System Charging Methodology.

The obligation on NGC to purchase CEC and/or TEC via a) or b) above will be included in the CUSC

If NGC purchase CEC and/or TEC via a) the price will be negotiated bilaterally.  If NGC purchase CEC and/or TEC via method b) the price and methodology will be set down in the relevant charging methodology.

Modification status: Concluded

Last updated: 13 May 2020



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