Balancing Programme update

Please note: Given the challenges posed by COVID-19 we will be constantly reviewing our plans and several projects may be impacted. Click here to find out more.

The Balancing Programme is a new SO initiative which will adopt an agile approach to change, recognising lessons learned from other world leading organisations. Our vision is to ensure we can provide our colleagues who operate our critical balancing process with an efficient and effective set of processes and tools that are enabled for our future compliance challenges.


To view our Balancing Programme Introduction video, please click here.

Information Technology Change Forum

Formally known as the IS Change Forum, we hosted our fourth IT Change Forum on 23 October 2019.

The purpose of the event was to:

  • Encourage discussions around the increased level of change within our industry
  • Inform market participants about the progress of National Grid IS projects associated with the industry change and seek industry feedback to ensure two way conversations on IS change
  • Share our approach to effectively manage change

The content from the day has been provided to further facilitate ongoing communications.  We have shared all information which can be made publicly available. 

If you want to be on the distribution list for future events, or have any queries on the materials, please contact us via the routes outlined in the documents, or via [email protected]


ELEXON also gave a presentation on Virtual Lead Party Registration at the IT Change Forum on 23 October 2019.

The Electricity Balancing System (EBS) – An update for market participants

The energy landscape is changing – in generation, transportation, supply and use. In order to adjust to these rapid changes, particularly within the energy generator landscape, National Grid recognised that our systems and processes needed to change to meet future needs and compliance requirements.

 Looking at how we balanced our system against this landscape we decided to implement the EBS to replace the existing Balancing Mechanism (BM) Systems. The Balancing suite of systems are those used to operate the Balancing Mechanism Market.

 This document provides an update on the purpose of the EBS Programme, where we are now, what’s coming next and what you can expect from us going forward.

EBS Update

Recent decisions

The Balancing Programme will look to create a new technology platform that is better able to meet the needs of our ever-changing balancing ecosystem.

Our on-going development will be process-led, focused on the end user and managed through our newly established Balancing Programme and ESO Process Design Authority.

The Balancing Programme will:

  • use BM (Balancing Mechanism) and EBS (Electricity Balancing System) scheduling as our preferred platform for balancing for the mid-term
  • deliver EU compliance requirements into this platform alongside infrastructure upgrades
  • complete remediation of all scheduling defects along with performance and focused set of usability improvements

Next steps

We will continue with our current strategy to develop a hybrid approach, which utilises both BM and EBS scheduling.

We will further develop the new Process Design Authority and internal balancing capability to ensure that we can address our future needs for balancing and the ESO.

Contact details

For any questions, comments or feedback, please contact [email protected]