Payments calendar

Settlement takes place during the month after the one in which the service has been provided. For example, a service provided in March will be settled in April.

Preliminary statements do not include invoices, as there are no associated payments. The preliminary statement is an opportunity for providers to review our calculation of what they are owed, allowing time to raise a dispute before the creation of the Final Statement.

Bank Holidays

10/04/2020 Good Friday
13/04/2020 Easter Monday
08/05/2020 May Day
25/05/2020 Spring Bank
31/08/2020 August
25/12/2020 Christmas
28/12/2020 Boxing Day
01/01/2021 New years day
02/04/2021 Good Friday
05/04/2021 Easter Monday
03/05/2021 May Day
31/05/2021 Spring Bank
30/08/2021 August
27/12/2021 Christmas
28/12/2021 Boxing Day
03/01/2022 New years day
15/04/2022 Good Friday
18/04/2022 Easter Monday
02/05/2022 May Day
30/05/2022 Spring Bank

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