Replacement Reserve (RR)

Replacement Reserve is a harmonised service across participating European TSOs for the provision of both an increase and decrease of active power.


National Grid shall review the information provided by participants to ensure completeness and that the minimum technical requirements have been met. Once accepted, each new assets will be provided with BMU ID for registration with Elexon.


Market participants will submit bids to National Grid by the gate closure for RR submissions. These bids will then be assessed to ensure they do not validate any transmission or distribution constraints. Any bids that do, will be marked as “Restricted” and not considered for despatch.

The LIBRA platform will then determine the units to despatch based on individual TSO needs and relay this back to the relevant TSO. i.e. National Grid will be notified of which units in Great Britain are to be despatched for RR, even if it is not to meet a GB need.

National Grid will then instruct those units via a BOA.