Demand Turn Up

The Demand Turn Up (DTU) service encourages large energy users and generators to either increase demand or reduce generation at times of high renewable output and low national demand. This typically occurs overnight and during weekend afternoons in the summer. Find out about routes to market as a provider.

Providing the service

The service is open to any technology that has the flexibility to increase demand or reduce generation during times of low demand and high renewable output.

This includes:

  • true demand turn up;
  • combined heat and power (CHP);
  • any other type of generation;
  • energy storage (such as batteries); and
  • other technologies, providing they can offer the flexibility required.

When declaring availability it is important to consider any factors that may impact the volume of demand turn up available.

Providing demand turn up alongside other balancing services

It is not possible to provide other services alongside demand turn up. A provider would need to declare themselves as unavailable for demand turn up for the settlement periods during which they wish to be able to provide another balancing service.