BM start up

The BM start up service gives us on-the-day access to additional generation. The service is open to any Balancing Mechanism (BM) participants who expect to be unavailable within BM timescales of 89 minutes.

There are two forms of payment for the BM start up service:

  • BM start up payment (£/hour) – providers may submit up to three payment rates depending on the different lead times of a start-up instruction. These payments are designed to cover the costs associated with getting a unit ready for dispatch.
  • Hot standby payment (£/h) – these payments are designed to cover the cost of sustaining a generating unit in a state of readiness.

Providers are able to submit their own prices for both BM start up and hot standby. These prices can be updated up to a maximum of once a week. Submitted prices inform the economic assessment to determine which providers are dispatched.