BM start up

The BM start up service gives us on-the-day access to additional generation. The service is open to any Balancing Mechanism (BM) participants who expect to be unavailable within BM timescales of 89 minutes.

A commitment to deliver the BM start up service is made via a bilateral agreement between us and a generator.

This agreement outlines the service parameters and costs. Each bilateral agreement is based on generic contract terms, which can be found below.

We contract for the BM start up service throughout the year.

BM start up providers are able to submit changes to their prices up to a maximum of once a week. Changes must be submitted by 12:00 on a Thursday to take effect from 00:00 on the following Sunday.

These prices are then assessed at both day-ahead timescales and closer to real time in order to determine which providers to instruct. In addition to economic considerations, the technical capabilities of the unit, such as the time taken to synchronise and minimum run time, are also considered by the Control Room when assessing which units to dispatch.