​Mandatory response services

Mandatory frequency response (MFR) is an automatic change in active power output in response to a frequency change. The service helps us to keep frequency within statutory and operational limits.

Holding payment (£/h)

Made for the capability of the unit to provide response when the unit has been instructed into frequency response mode

Response energy payment (£/MWh)

Remunerates the amount of energy delivered to and from the system when providing frequency response. This payment is set out in the Connection and Use of System Code (CUSC).

Price submissions

Generators submit their own prices for holding payments on a monthly basis via the Frequency Response Price Submission System (FRPS).

FRPS is available between the 5th and 15th working day of each month. Previously submitted prices are published on our website.

Monthly volume

The volume of MFR that has been dispatched each month is published in our capability report