Demand side response (DSR)

Demand side response (DSR) is all about intelligent energy use. Through DSR services, businesses and consumers can turn up, turn down, or shift demand in real-time.

DSR is an important tool to help ensure a secure, sustainable and affordable electricity system. It can help us soften peaks in demand and fill in the troughs, especially at times when power is more abundant, affordable and clean.

For business and consumers, DSR is a smart way to save on total energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint.

By encouraging greater and wider participation, collectively we can turn an industry problem into a customer opportunity.

Participating in demand side response

Demand side providers can deliver services by either reducing their demand or taking advantage of onsite generation.

You can participate if you're a:

  • large industrial and commercial customer;
  • small to medium enterprise; or
  • aggregator.

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Demand side response opportunities

We believe that demand side response (DSR) has a vital role to play in the evolution of electricity markets.

  • DSR gives customers more insight and therefore more control.
  • DSR helps to reduce costs across the energy supply chain.
  • Security of supply is improved by enabling everyone to make better use of alternative energy sources

Reports and data

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Power Responsive

Power Responsive is a collaborative approach to turn debate into action and realise the possibilities created by demand side solutions.

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