STOR - Technical requirements

STOR Units must have the capability to:

  • offer a minimum of 3 MW of generation or steady demand reduction. This can be aggregated from more than one site
  • respond to an instruction within a maximum of 20 minutes
  • sustain the response for a minimum of two hours
  • respond again with a recovery period of not more than 1200 minutes

Providing STOR alongside other balancing services

It is not possible to provide other services at the same time as providing STOR.

Outside of STOR contracted availability windows, it is possible to provide other services, as long as doing so does not interfere with your ability to deliver STOR.

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PAS documents

This section contains information on the new Platform for Ancillary Services project.

For any queries relating to PAS, please contact [email protected]

ASDP (PAS): Non-BM STOR CEP 6.9 (Day Ahead procurement) Changes

ASDP (PAS): Non-BM STOR CEP 6.9 (Day Ahead procurement) Changes

PAS webinar (10 February, 2021)

View the recording of the PAS Webinar, covering the process for existing Non-BM Providers using PAS as we transition to Day Ahead Procurement. You can also download the slides from the event by clicking the button below.

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