STOR - Getting paid

There are three types of payment for the STOR service:

Availability payment

This payment is for being available to provide the service within the committed availability window.

Utilisation payment

This payment is for delivering the service when instructed by us. This includes the energy delivered in ramping up to and down from the contracted volume.

Proof of delivery from metered data, which is taken automatically from the unit or sent to National Grid via Excel.

Providers submit their prices for the committed availability window and utilisation during the auction.

Optional utilisation payment

Non-BM providers are able to offer STOR outside the defined availability windows. For these optional periods, they can offer optional utilisation prices should we wish to use the service. No availability payments are made for optional periods.

What providers can expect to be paid

Providers submit their own prices for availability and utilisation during the auction. These prices will inform the economic assessment to determine which parties are accepted.

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