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We’re urging non-domestic distributed generators to engage with the Accelerated Loss of Mains Change Programme (known as ALoMCP) to check and report their compliance with mandatory Loss of Mains protection changes.

What is the Accelerated Loss of Mains Change Programme (ALoMCP)?

New requirements have been made in EREC G59 in the Distribution Code. All owners of generation sites must make these Loss of Mains changes by 1 September 2022.

The ALoMCP offered funding for applications received no later than 10 May 2022 for non-domestic distributed generators that were connected before 1 February 2018 to upgrade their hardware in a move that will improve network resilience, and support wider initiatives helping meet the UK’s net zero targets.

Applications for funding are now closed, but all applicable generators will be required by the Distribution Code to have up to date protection settings by 1 September 2022 or they could be the subject of an enforcement programme. Generators are encouraged to review their Loss of Mains protection settings now to ensure they are compliant before the deadline.

The ALoMCP programme is the best way for generators to provide certification of their compliance, via an
online portalhosted by the Energy Networks Association.

Information for successful applications received no later than 10 May 2022

Since the ALoMCP launched in September 2019, many sites have been updated to meet the new code requirements..
For generators who have been successful in securing funding through ALoMCP, the amount of funding available for each site's changes is reducing:

  1. Sites completing the changes after 24 March 2022 but on or before 23 June 2022 will be paid 80% of values within Table 2 of the Payment Process Specification

  2. Sites completing the changes after 23 June 2022 but on or before 31 August 2022 will be paid 70% of the values within Table 2 of the Payment Process Specification

Application window timeline



The programme is now closed for funding applications.

How many sites have applied for the programme?

Since the Accelerated Loss of Mains Change Programme launched in September 2019, we've helped many sites to make the changes to meet the new settings requirements.

No. of application windows complete:

No. of applications that have been approved for funding:

Capacity this equates to:

Value of approved applications:

How many sites have completed the work?

10 of 11






Who’s driving the programme?

The ALoMCP is led by National Grid ESO, the Energy Networks Association, Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) and Independent Distribution Network Operators (IDNOs).

The programme Steering Group ensures that the views of key stakeholders are considered in the overall management of the programme as well its delivery by network licensees. It makes sure that the ALoMCP is run efficiently and for the benefit of stakeholders and consumers.

You can find the documents from our meetings below in the key documents section.

What customers say about the programme

"It’s an absolute no brainer” Martin Bleasby, EnergyForce

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"The funding application process itself is very straightforward. It’s an absolute no brainer."


"There’s no reason to wait" - Colin Lockwood, WindCare

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"There’s no reason to wait – the funding is available now, but it won’t last forever.

Get in touch with your DNO or service provider and get it done.”


"Take advantage while they can" - Luke Andre, Infer Energy Ltd

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"Aside from informing generator owners of impending grid compliance changes, the ALoCMP has proved to be a well organised transition scheme irrespective of the scale of generator.

I encourage (qualifying) generation owners to take advantage while they can!!"


"Applying for funding is a no brainer" - Oliver Leake, Earthmill Energy

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“Our company manages a large fleet of wind turbines which required over 250 separate applications for ALoMCP funding.

At first this seemed like a daunting task but the user-friendly registration portal made the process of submitting the applications very easy.

Whenever I did have a question or if there was something I did not understand, the teams managing the process, at the DNOs and ENA, were friendly, helpful and guided me through the process.

Applying for funding is a no brainer as this is likely to be a mandatory change later anyway but right now the works are paid for.”


Key documents

We're committed to transparency and providing useful information to the industry, here you can access our key documents.

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Need help?

Visit the programme website where you can find more details. You can use the ‘get your guide’ button for more information.

Please contact your DNO if you need to speak to someone about the programme or application process.  

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