Great Britain’s electricity system is undergoing an ambitious, exciting and vital transformation. Together with industry, we are creating a cleaner, greener system, one that protects the planet and serves generations to come.

The ESO has a key role to play in tackling climate change by transitioning GB’s electricity system to net zero. We already operate the fastest decarbonising electricity system in the world, with an ambition for zero carbon operation by 2025. And by 2035, we want to run 100% clean, green energy, all the time.

If the UK is to meet its 2035 net zero targets, the electricity industry must play its part.

Learn more about our activity and progress towards net zero:

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Our carbon intensity dashboard

As the UK closes in on its legally-binding 2050 emissions reduction targets, it’ll be more important than ever to understand how green our electricity is and the impact of any action we, as GB’s Electricity System Operator, take to keep electricity flowing.

We’ve created a dashboard that shows, in real time, the carbon intensity of the system and our balancing actions as well as the current generation mix. It’s an exciting development, providing unprecedented transparency around and insight into our actions – and how close we’re getting to zero carbon operation.