How to get involved with NOA Stability Pathfinder

We want to work closely with industry stakeholders so we can deliver the most cost effective solutions to managing system stability. As well as finding innovative solutions to the challenges posed by achieving a greener future.

We need service providers’ help to improve our processes so we can procure innovative services at the right price.

Our high-level approach to the NOA Stability Pathfinder

Our next step in the Stability Pathfinder is to carry out an RFI. If this is successful then we will be able to include market-based solutions for managing system stability in our NOA process. This will increase competition in the market, encourage more innovation and bring benefits to the consumer.

Once we’ve identified the best, most cost effective solution, we will contact potential providers. If there is sufficient competition we’ll look to contract via tender.

However, if none of the solutions proposed is more cost effective than the cost forecast through the balancing mechanism, then we may not accept any of the tendered solutions.

Stability Pathfinder updates

The latest news for key Pathfinder projects.


NOA Stability Pathfinder – Phase 1 (concluded)

Phase 1 was looking for the most cost effective way to increase inertia (stored energy) across Great Britain.


NOA Stability Pathfinder – Phase 2 (ongoing)

Phase 2 is looking for the most cost effective way to increase both stability and inertia (stored energy) in Scotland.

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