NOA Stability Pathfinder – Phase 1 updates

Phase 1 was looking for the most cost effective way to increase inertia (stored energy) across Great Britain.

Following a Request for Information (RFI) issued in July 2019, we’ve identified a number of providers who could deliver stability solutions quickly. As a result, we kicked off an accelerated tender process to procure inertia services across Great Britain.

Latest updates

Phase 1 of the NOA Stability Pathfinder concluded in January 2020 and 12 contracts were awarded to five providers. Here’s how we got there.

Step 1: Identified stability needs across Great Britain

The System Operability Framework (SOF) highlighted the operability risks expected due to the decline in transmission connected synchronous generation over the next decade.

Step 2: Launched RFI

We launched our RFI for stability in July 2019  and identified interest from the industry in providing a service.

Step 3: Launched tender

We invited providers to tender for GB-wide inertia solutions for delivery from April 2020.

Step 4: Published results

We have published the tender results for Phase 1.

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