NOA High Voltage Pathfinder

What is the NOA High Voltage Pathfinder?

The NOA High Voltage Pathfinder looks for the most cost-effective ways to address high voltage system issues created by the need to absorb more reactive power on the transmission network.

This need is the result of a drop in both minimum demand and power consumption on distribution networks. 

Our first step is to develop a regional options assessment process for high voltage system issues. Then we’ll look at distribution and market-based solutions as well as the more traditional transmission-based solutions. 


What we’re trying to achieve

Seeking services from new providers

We’re looking for new providers to help us address high voltage system issues.

We’ll invite providers to submit proposals that address specific system needs via a two-stage tender process. This is a collaborative process between us and the host TO and DNOs that assesses the proposal’s feasibility and its commercial value.

Where we believe there is a commercially competitive solution with high potential for success we’ll seek to award a contract via a tender process.

You can see indicative timings for this process below.

indicative timeline in the voltage management process


Supporting the transition to a carbon-free network

The increase in renewable energy generation is changing patterns of reactive power consumption. Plus, generation is increasingly remote from demand centres. 

Services that help control the voltage support our transition to renewable energy, and ultimately a zero-carbon network.


How to get involved

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High Voltage Pathfinder updates

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