How to get involved with NOA High Voltage Pathfinder

The key to success in our High Voltage Pathfinder is procuring effective and competitive solutions to meet our system needs. We need service providers’ help to improve our processes so we can procure innovative services at the right price. 

Once we’ve announced a requirement on this site, we’ll follow up with a webinar to explain more about the system need, the tender assessment process, and how you can participate.

Our high-level approach to the NOA Voltage Pathfinder

Step 1

We’ll study voltage requirements across the National Electricity Transmission System (NETS) and identify specific needs. Then we’ll communicate these needs to the industry to inform potential service providers.

Step 2

We’ll engage with commercial providers and the relevant network operators to carry out any necessary technical studies.

Step 3

We’ll carry out a commercial assessment before awarding contracts to successful solutions providers.

High Voltage Pathfinder updates

The latest news for key Pathfinder projects.


NOA High Voltage Pathfinder – Mersey (concluded)

This Pathfinder project was looking for a cost-effective solution to a specific need in the Mersey region.


NOA High Voltage Pathfinder – Pennines Voltage Pathfinder

This Pathfinder project is currently looking for a cost effective solution to a specific need in the North of England and Pennine region.

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