Mersey Pathfinder updates

NOA High Voltage Pathfinder – Mersey

The NOA High Voltage Pathfinder – Mersey was looking for long term voltage support in the Mersey region.


Latest updates

This Pathfinder project has come to an end and lessons learned have been published. Here’s a look at how we got there.

Step 1: Publish findings (complete)

Findings from our work form part of a case study with the ENA, which looks at utilising distribution solutions. This can be found on the ENA website.

Step 2: Launch RFI (complete)

Our first RFI for the Mersey region, and Slides and Q&A from our 1 May 2020 Q&A webinar (Q&A updated 22 May 2020).

Step 3: Launch tender (complete)

We launched a tender for long-term voltage support in Mersey, alongside a tender for near-term support. 

Step 4: Publish results (complete)

Results from the tender have been published and can be seen below.

Step 5: Publish lessons learned (complete)

We published lessons learned from the end to end process on 11 December 2020. We use these to inform future tender processes. They can also be found below.

Documents and materials

LT Mersey

ST Mersey 20-21

ST Mersey 21-22