NOA Constraint Management Pathfinder Phase 1 - B6

NOA Constraint Management Pathfinder – Phase 1

One of the key areas of congestion currently on the system is the Anglo-Scottish boundary (B6) which is limited by a constraint, and therefore sometimes requires renewable generation to be turned down pre-fault.

During times of network congestion, we take action to reduce generation pre-fault which can lead to higher constraint costs even though the likelihood of a network fault is very low.

We are aiming to reduce the impact of network constraints, maximise renewable generation on the system and lower costs for the end consumer.

Our progress

Latest update: We have published an overview of the service and requirements of the service we intend to procure along with a timeline to provide more information to interested providers.

Step 1: Identify constraint needs across GB (completed) There are various constraints across the network that currently have to be managed to securely operate the system. One of these is the Anglo-Scottish boundary.

Step 2: Expression of Interest (completed) We will issue an Expression of Interest which will invite interested providers to submit proposals on how they could provide the constraint management service.

Step 3: Commercial tender (ongoing) Following the review of proposed solutions, we will then carry out a commercial assessment to determine the most economic solutions for managing the B6 boundary.

Step 4: Connect to Tripping Scheme (upcoming) We will engage with the relevant Transmission Operator to connect the successful units to the tripping scheme to allow them to deliver the service.

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