NOA Constraint Management Pathfinder B6

One of the key areas of congestion currently on the system is the Anglo-Scottish boundary (B6) which is limited by a constraint, and therefore sometimes requires renewable generation to be turned down pre-fault.

During times of network congestion, we take action to reduce generation pre-fault which can lead to higher constraint costs even though the likelihood of a network fault is very low.

We are aiming to reduce the impact of network constraints, maximise renewable generation on the system and lower costs for the end consumer.

The Expression of Interest (EOI) has now closed for the B6 Constraint Management Pathfinder (CMP) 2024-25

Following the consultation on documents relating to the B6 Constraint Management Pathfinder (CMP) 2024-25 service, we launched an Expression of Interest. This has now closed and the successful EOI submissions are being assessed for feasibility by the relevant Transmission Owners. 

The tender stage is expected to take place this summer.

B6 CMP 2024-25

The documents below are for the current B6 CMP for service delivery September 2024 - October 2025.

Archive CMP B6 2023-24

The documents below are from the last year's CMP B6 tender 2023-24. These are uploaded for reference and are not part of this year's B6 CMP 2024-25 service.