NOA Constraint Management Pathfinder

What is the NOA Constraint Management Pathfinder

The NOA Constraint Management Pathfinder looks for ways to reduce the cost of managing constraints at various places in the electricity system.

The Future Energy Scenarios (FES) and Electricity Ten Year Statement(ETYS) have shown that changes in the volume and location of electricity generation will lead to significant constraint costs if nothing is done. 


What we’re trying to achieve

Reducing the need for build solutions
Reducing the cost of managing constraints means we can mitigate the consequences of unplanned events (post-fault constraint management services), which could help reduce the need for build solutions.

Seeking services from new providers 
Constraint service providers are vital to meeting system needs. We’re looking for new providers to help us reduce constraint costs on the electricity system.

We’ll invite potential providers and relevant network owners to submit proposals that address specific system needs. This is a collaborative process between providers, National Grid ESO and the relevant network operators, assessing the proposal’s feasibility and commercial value.

Following technical and economic assessment we will recommend solutions to move forward either via commercial contracts or regulated arrangements.


How to get involved

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