A glimpse to the past

Ofgem reviewed our Early Competition Plan submitted in April 2021 and have announced their decision to progress early competition. They have asked the ESO to lead the implementation of the early competition tender process.

Last year the ESO took forward ‘low regrets’ activity to help towards the implementation of early competition. This includes developing internal ESO processes to undertake project identification and share appropriate network models. We have published a summary of this activity on our website. We have also shared a paper setting out how applicable the transmission model may be at distribution level. Our published key documents from Phase 5a are found on our key documents page.

The journey to developing our plan

In February 2020 we published our Phase 1 update. 

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Our Phase 2 consultation was open for 6 weeks, between 3 July 2020 and 14 August 2020, where we consulted on the end-to-end model.

Stakeholder engagement was key in order to develop our Phase 2 proposals, with feedback received at our May workshops and bilaterals informing our proposals.

We received 7 responses from a range of stakeholders including Transmission Owners and potential new market entrants.

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Our Phase 3 consultation was open for 10 weeks, between 3 December 2020 and 15 February 2021. Where we consulted on further details of the end-to-end model, following on from our Phase 2 consultation.

Stakeholder engagement was key in order to develop our Phase 3 proposals, with feedback received at our September workshops and bilaterals informing our proposals.

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We submitted our Early Competition Plan to Ofgem on 30 April 2021.

In order to form our proposals, we took into consideration all stakeholder feedback received throughout the development of the plan including Phase 3 consultation responses.

Ofgem are currently reviewing our plan and we anticipate a response later in 2021.

Following submission to Ofgem we have commenced low-regret implementation in the aim of reducing implementation timescales following decision. Potential activities which we aim to commence are:

  • Finalise process for identifying possible projects
  • Explore potential for expanding Pathfinders as a pre-legislative form of early competition
  • Identifying Code changes for post decision
  • ESO organisational design development

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