Progress and timeline

The three-year Distributed ReStart project has been extended towards the end of 2022 to enable the completion of the power engineering live trials.

Project timeline – 10 milestones

The Distributed ReStart project is required by Ofgem to deliver 10 milestones which can be viewed on the timeline below.

Distributed ReStart milestones infographic


The Distributed ReStart project has now reached its final stage, The Demonstration Stage.

The final stage of the project involves demonstrating that bottom-up restoration using distributed energy resources (DERs) can work in practice.

As part of this process, the project’s workstreams have completed a series of live trials, tests and exercises over the last year.

Final reports on the outputs of these trials, tests, and exercises can be viewed on our key documents webpage.

The remaining trials, test and reports due for completion in 2022 are:

  • DRZC protype test at The National HVDC Centre (June-July)

  • Chapelcross and Redhouse live trials (July-October)

  • Power Engineering and Trials (PET) final report part 2 (September)

  • final findings and close-down reports (October).

View final Project Progress Report

Summary of key updates by workstream

You can find out more about our workstreams on our Approach and workstream page.

Power engineering and trials (PET)

DR - Power Engineering Trials

The PET workstream is required to produce reports detailing its assessment of the power engineering aspects of black start from DERs. PET has recently published its final report part 1 Demonstration of Black Start from DERs (Live Trials Report) in December 2021. Part 2 of the final report is due out in September 2022.

Download PET report part 1

Organisational, Systems and Telecommunications (OST)

DR - Organisation Systems Communication

The OST workstream has developed the operational telecommunication requirements – including cyber security assessments and organisational models. The final report on the conclusion of their desktop exercises Operating aDistribution Restoration Zone was published in September 2021 – this report was for the organisational component of the OST workstream. The DRZC Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) report was published in May 2022. The last OST report on the DRZC testing at the HVDC Center is due in June 2022.

View final report

View DRZC FAT report

Procurement and compliance (P&C)

DR - Procurement Compliance

Commercial and procurement options for a DER service have been developed and finalised through extensive stakeholder consultation with views on routes to market. The P&C workstream final report Distribution Restoration future commercial structure and industry codes recommendations was published in December 2021.

View P&C final report

Knowledge and Dissemination (K&D)

DR - Knowledge Dissemination

The K&D workstream has delivered extensive stakeholder engagement support for all the workstreams. This includes the delivery of three annual events, and numerous webinars, podcasts, and social media posts. The workstream is on track to deliver external communications for the two remaining live trials and the close-down reports in October 2022.

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