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The learnings from this project will be of immense value to the industry, both locally and internationally, as energy systems seek to decarbonise and decentralise.

The dissemination of these learnings is a key requirement of Ofgem and this page is dedicated to sharing the project's work and findings.

Here, you’ll find our latest publications as well as an indexed archive of previous reports and documents. These include events, webinar slides, case studies, viability assessments and progress reports.

Latest publications

Distributed Restart cover

May 2022

Distributed ReStart DRZC FAT Test Report Part 1 - May 2022


Reports and briefs

Distributed ReStart DRZC FAT Test Report Part 1
Ofgem Project Progress Report - December 2021
Procurement and Compliance final report Distribution Restoration future commercial structure and industry codes recommendations
Procurement and Compliance - Appendix 1 Stakeholder Engagement
Procurement and Compliance - Appendix 2 Draft Distribution Restoration Contracts
Procurement and Compliance - Appendix 3 Codes Legal Text Drafts
Procurement and Compliance - Appendix 4 Distribution Restoration procurement process map
Power Engineering Trials Demonstration of Black Start from DERs Live Trials Report Part 1 - December 2021
Distributed ReStart Lot 2 Design Phase - Final Report
Organisational Systems & Telecommunications - operating a Distribution Restoration Zone September 2021
Distributed ReStart Lot 2 Requirements Phase - Final Report
Energy restoration for tomorrow - Project progress report - June 2021
Ofgem Project Progress report December 2020
Organisational, Systems &Telecommunications report: design stage 2
PET Report - Assessment of Power Engineering - Aspects of Black Start from DER - Part 2
Procurement and Compliance Report - A high level outline of commercial and regulatory arrangements - PDM
Organsational, Systems and Telecommunications - Design Stage Part 1 - Project Deliverable Milestone
Power Engineering and Trials - Power Systems Studies Part 1 - Final
NGESO Distributed ReStart Project Progress Report
Distributed ReStart Project Brief - March 2020

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