Distributed ReStart podcast event
The Live Trials Stage podcast event 12-16 April 2021
Distributed ReStart

A 5-day series of podcast interviews and discussion

Welcome to Distributed ReStart’s annual event, ‘The Live Trials Stage’, which follows on from last year’s virtual conference, ‘The Design Stage’.

This year, the event is a 5-day series of podcasts. The series includes in-depth interviews and a lively panel discussion with external industry experts.

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The Live Trials Stage – the most challenging phase

The three-year Distributed ReStart project is now entering its most challenging and exciting phase – The Live Trials Stage.

This stage involves testing the proposed designs at live network trials and with desktop exercises.

The project has already had its first live trial in October 2020 and three more are planned in 2021.

You’ll hear some of the fascinating insights gained from the first live trial and what’s being planned for the upcoming trials.


National Grid ESO - Distributed ReStart Podcast Agenda

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Hosted by Trisha Lewis with interviewer Simon Harrison

The Live Trials Stage podcast event is hosted by Trisha Lewis with Simon Harrison interviewing the engineers and chairing the panel discussion with external experts.

Trisha Lewis

Trisha Lewis – host

Trisha is an actor, facilitator, business coach and podcast host with decades of experience as a professional performer and speaker.

Her popular interview-based podcasts ‘Make it Real’ are aimed at helping independent B2B business owners and entrepreneurs grow their business.

Trisha is also author of business book The Mystery of the Squashed Self and has a TEDx talk confirmed for 2022.

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Simon Harrison

Simon Harrison – interviewer

Simon is a member of the project’s Stakeholder Advisory Panel and is Group Strategic Development Director at Mott MacDonald.

He is a past Vice President of the Institution of Engineering and Technology, having chaired both its Energy Policy Panel and its global knowledge activities.

An electrical engineer, Simon holds BSc and PhD degrees from Southampton University. He is a Fellow of the IET, the Energy Institute and the Royal Society of Arts.

Simon is internationally recognised for his thought leadership in the energy sector.

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Meet our panel of distinguished external experts

The Live Trials Stage podcast event includes a panel discussion podcast with three well-known external industry experts, John Scott, Nick Jenkins and Dave Openshaw.

John Scott

John Scott - Company Advisor and Community Energy Lead

John Scott is a Chartered power systems engineer, with some 45 years of experience of electricity distribution, transmission and regulation. His previous roles include Director of Engineering for National Grid, Technical Director for Ofgem, and Director Network Innovation for KEMA Consulting.

John has been a Non-Executive Director at Smarter Grid Solutions Ltd and is currently an advisor to the aggregator Pearlstone Energy. He chaired the Industrial Advisory Board of the FLEXIS integrated energy systems project.

John is an active Fellow of the Institution of Engineering & Technology (IET) and has served on its Board of Trustees and is a Visiting Professor at the University of Bath. He is a member of the management group for the Future Power System Architecture project (FPSA) being led by the IET

Nick Jenkins

Nick Jenkins - Professor of Renewable Energy, Cardiff University

In March 2008, Nick moved from the University of Manchester (UMIST) to Cardiff University where he is now professor of Renewable Energy. He is also the Leader of the Centre for Integrated Energy Generation and Supply Research Group.

From 2009-11, Nick was the Shimizu Visiting Professor to the Atmosphere and Energy Program at Stanford University.

His last roles in industry were as Engineering Manager, BP Solar Pakistan and Projects Director for Wind Energy Group, a manufacturer of large wind turbines.

Nick is a Distinguished Member of CIGRE, and a Fellow of the Institution of Engineering & Technology (IET), Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Royal Academy of Engineering, and the Learned Society of Wales.

Dave Openshaw

Dave Openshaw - Director, Millhouse Power Limited

Dave is an independent consultant and director of his own company, Millhouse Power Ltd. He provides consultancy services to the electricity industry, specialising in smart grids, innovation, asset management and power system design and development.

A chartered electrical engineer, Dave has previously held several senior management positions at UK Power Networks and its predecessors, including: Head of Asset Management, Head of Engineering Regulatory Strategy, and Head of Future Networks.

Recent engagements include supporting the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) /Energy Systems Catapult Future Power System Architect programme, and the EV Energy Task Force.

Dave is a member of the IET Energy Policy Panel. He is a Fellow of the IET, and of the Royal Society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA).

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