We’re well on our way to net zero, building a network that runs purely on green, clean energy.

But transforming a network isn’t straightforward and to make it happen, we carry out a range of activity that spans multiple time horizons, from real-time all the way out to 2050.

We’re leading world-first innovation projects, like our Virtual Energy System, to ensure we have the right technology and tools to get us to net zero.

We produce annual Future Energy Scenarios, complex analysis that sets out credible pathways to net zero, so government and industry can understand what we’ll need to get there.

And together with partners, domestic and international, we’re preparing our network to meet all the technical challenges that come along with decarbonisation.

Future energy scenarios

Future Energy Scenarios (FES) represent a range of different, credible ways to decarbonise our energy system as we strive towards the 2050 target.

Virtual Energy System

This world first, real-time replica of our entire energy landscape will work in parallel to our physical system, affording a virtual environment through which we can share data and model and test scenarios to make our decision-making more robust.


Innovation is critical to helping us meet the challenges of transitioning to a zero carbon future. As we sit at the very heart of the energy system, we play a central role in overcoming these challenges.

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We have a portfolio of active innovation projects funded by both the Network Innovation Allowance (NIA) and Network Innovation Competition (NIC), we’re aiming to undertake large whole system projects soon.

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Our global network

Find out more about the partnerships and networks that are bringing together expertise from across the globe to integrate more clean energy into the world’s power systems.

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Empowering climate action

People are changing the way they think about climate change and the environment. Whatever the reason, it is clear the British public recognises that climate change is real, and we need to do something about it.

2050 infographic plan

Our roles, activities and research

See our infographic to discover the work we're doing to help achieve net zero by 2050.

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