FES 2020 documents

The interactive FES 2020 Report is just one of the publications that make up the suite of FES 2020 documents.

In addition, we also provide:  

  • FES in 5 – a summary of the main takeaways from the report 
  • Data workbook – contains detailed tables, graphs and charts from our modelling  
  • Scenario framework – all the assumptions we use as inputs into our models 
  • Modelling methods – sets out information on our modelling and assumptions 
  • Comparison document – the key changes from FES 2019 to FES 2020 

Key publications

Download this year’s Future Energy Scenarios in full or in summary. The interactive features of this document are optimised when it is downloaded as a PDF and then read on a PC laptop.

A print-ready version of FES 2020 is available here.

No time? Download our print-ready summary, FES in 5, here.

FES 2020

The Future Energy Scenarios publication outlines a number of credible energy futures that mean we can continue to support the development of the energy system. Read it in full.

FES in 5

For faster reading, download our summary document, which highlights the key headlines and statistics from the full publication.

Supporting documents

Download the other documents in the FES suite.


Scenario framework

Find out what assumptions were used in our models.


Data workbook

Download detailed tables, graphs and charts from our modelling.


Key changes

Find out what the key changes were between FES 2019 and FES 2020.


Modelling methods

Learn more about the models we used to base the scenarios on.


Regional breakdown of FES data

FES modelling data segmented by region.


The FAQ document seeks to answer the questions we received during the publication launch week.

Regional electricity modeling methods

Find out more about the regional modeling methods

Additional documents and FES Archive

In addition to the long-term future scenarios, we also publish a number of other documents that relate to the future of energy. You can also access the FES document archive for previous years.


Electricity Winter Outlook

Short term forecasts of anticipated demand and supply for electricity.


Electricity Summer outlook

Short term forecasts of anticipated demand and supply for electricity.

Electricity statements

Illustrates potential future developments to the transmission systems.


System operatability Framework

A view on how the changing energy landscape impacts future system operability.

If you are interested in Gas Ten Years Statement, or Gas Summer and Winter Outlook please visit the insight and innovation page on the National Grid Gas Transmission website.

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Get involved with FES 2021

While FES is an ESO publication, our analysis considers the whole energy system. This makes sure we’re taking into account the implications for, and interactions across, electricity, gas, heat and transport. Our scenarios reflect the year-round feedback we receive from all of our stakeholders across the energy landscape and beyond. Please continue to share your views with us. 

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