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Future Energy Scenarios 2022

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The Call for Evidence is your opportunity to contribute and engage with us for FES 2023 and beyond, providing your insight, evidence, and feedback. We value all responses.

The survey will close at the end of October. Any issues contact: [email protected]

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We engage with our stakeholders for FES in an annual cycle, which starts and ends with the publication of the scenarios in July. The diagram below gives you an overview of the process and when you can get involved.






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Future of Energy podcast series

Our podcast series explores key themes from Future Energy Scenarios 2021, assessing the energy Britain needs, examining where it could come from, how it needs to change and what this means for consumers, society and the energy system itself. 

Our latest Future of Energy podcast looks at the future of hydrogen. Hydrogen is becoming a vital source of energy, but how does it actually help us produce energy and how will it be used to replace some of our current energy sources? In this episode Samantha Simmonds talks with Becky Hart, UK Energy Strategy Manager, and Robert Gibson, Whole System and Gas Supply Manager, to find out how hydrogen is becoming the fuel of the future and how it will help Great Britain achieve its net-zero target.

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