With an ambitious target for net zero emissions by 2050, our energy system will need to transform rapidly while continuing to deliver reliability and value for consumers.

We believe decarbonising energy is possible but also that it will be complex, not least because there are many ways to reach net zero, each with their own trade-offs.​

Our Future Energy Scenarios (FES) outline four different, credible pathways for the future of energy between now and 2050. Each one considers how much energy we might need and where it could come from. The overall scenarios remain consistent with those in FES 2020 but the details within them are new for 2023 following extensive modelling, research, and stakeholder engagement. 

Our scenario framework

FES can be used can be used to inform network planning, investment decisions and government policy.

These are our four scenarios:

FES 2022 Framework infographic

More information can be found in the following thought piece.

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Scenario framework thought piece

Here you can find the scenarios and scenario framework for FES since 2020.