As a principal partner of COP26, National Grid has created a LIFX low-energy light bulb to raise awareness of renewable energy. These bulbs let you know when the electricity in your home is coming from clean and green energy sources, helping you to make smarter energy choices at home with your very own Green Light Signal.

LIFX floor lamp

What is the green light signal?

The Green Light Signal is powered by, a carbon intensity forecasting tool built by National Grid ESO, The Environmental Defense Fund Europe, The University of Oxford and WWF.

When the electricity in your area is being supplied mainly from low-carbon sources, such as wind or solar, that’s when the signal activates.


The ESO data behind the bulb

Find out how our Energy Intelligence Team are using important data to fuel the green lightbulb initiative.

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Make greener choices with our Carbon Intensity app

The carbon intensity data also powers our free app. It tells you the greenest times of day to use electricity, so you can make more energy-conscious decisions about when to use your appliances.

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