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Markets Forum events

Our events help attendees learn about how the ESO is developing new and existing markets to enable the transition to net zero, as well as provide a view of electricity market change.

Enabling Britain’s Clean Energy Future: Markets Forum and Roadmap

Our event was held in person on Tuesday 22 March 2022 where the ESO's Executive Director Fintan Slye delivered the keynote address.

We discussed Net Zero Market Reform, the FSO and the Markets Roadmap.

Watch the video presentations by pressing the play icon where available or download the slides using the link below each image.

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Markets Roadmap Overview and Response & Reserve breakout session

An overview of our recently published Markets Roadmap and the slide materials from the Response & Reserve breakout session.

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Stability and Reactive Power Markets – breakout session

Slide materials from our breakout session which focuses on our innovative market design projects to procure stability and reactive power services.

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Net Zero Market Reform Session – Detailed Slides

Detailed slides from the session where we will present a re-cap of the project, case for market reform, outcome of our assessment of the Operation market design options, and our Phase 3 conclusions. This will be followed by a panel discussion.

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Enabling Britain’s Clean Energy Future

Our Executive Director, Fintan Slye, sets out in his keynote address to the Markets Forum and Roadmap how ESO is collaborating with industry and Government to enable a Future Energy System that is secure, clean, affordable and fair for all.

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Watch the concluding panel discussion

The concluding panel discussion includes Emma Pinchbeck - Energy UK, Richard Smith - Ofgem, Greg Jackson - Octopus Energy and James Frayne – Public First

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Responses to Menti questions

ESO responses to unanswered Menti questions on Tuesday 22 March 2022

Previous events

Watch the November 2021 markets event slides and download the presentations

Thanks to all those that joined us at the Markets Forum event on 18th November 2021.The forum included the following topics:

  • Markets Roadmap: What next?

  • Net Zero Market Reform

  • Energy Code Review

Watch the slide presentations by pressing the play icon on each image or download the slides and Q&A from each session using the link below each image.

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Welcome and Introduction - download slides

An introduction to the event and overview of what will be discussed during the day.

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Markets Roadmap: what next? - download slides

Key milestones in our Markets Roadmap over the next 6 months and updates on Response and Reserve and our Stability Market Design innovation project.

Net Zero Market Reform - download slides

Our conclusions from Phase 2 of the Net Zero Market Reform project and our proposed framework for assessing reform options in Phase 3.

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Energy Code Review - download slides

Insights into BEIS/Ofgem Energy Code Reform work and the ESO’s thinking after the recent consultation.

Watch the June 2021 markets event slides and download the presentations

We held a stakeholder event so that we could keep discussing our progress with you. This interactive Markets Forum covered the following topics: 

  • Net Zero Market Design

  • Pathfinders: Opportunities for customers and discussing the challenges so far

  • Strategic code change: Offshore transmission, storage, and the road to 2025

  • Becoming a better buyer: an introduction to the Single Markets Platform

Watch the slide presentations by pressing the play icon on each image, or download the slides using the link below each image.

You can find feedback from the pathfinders update here, other Q&A sessions can be found at the end of the slide packs.

Welcome and markets updates - download slides

A re-cap on progress towards our ambitions since March with the opportunity for Q&A.


Pathfinders update - download slides

Our pathfinder projects are investigating the value of introducing 3rd Party solutions to meet system needs, that have not historically been open for commercial opportunities.

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Single Markets Platform - download slides

The Single Markets Platform is a key enabler to our ambitions and will transform the customer experience of our procurement activities through facilitating the ESO in becoming a better buyer of balancing services.

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Net zero market reform - download slides

In March we shared key insights from phase 1 of this project and outlined our high-level plans to progress our review of GB electricity market design for net zero throughout the rest of the year.

European Network Codes (ENC)

Strategic Code Change - download slides

During our March event you asked for more information on the impact of the Offshore Transmission Network Review, and the treatment of storage in the codes.

Watch the March 2021 workshop slides and download the presentations

Below you can find the deep dive sessions, slides and podcasts from our March workshop.

Watch the slide presentations by pressing the play icon on each image, or download the slides using the link below each image.

The road to net zero electricity markets launch - download slides

A strategic overview of how various ESO reforms come together to deliver carbon free operation by 2025.

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Market reform insights - download slides

Our experts answer questions on how we are developing and delivering our market initiatives to meet future operability challenges.

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Code change roadmap to 2025 - download slides

Discussing and contributing to the view of how net zero will drive reform in network codes and charging, and how the ESO will facilitate this.

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Capacity Market and Contracts for Difference - download slides

An overview of potential medium term developments in policy and the market and how the ESO will respond and deliver.

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Net Zero Market Design - download slides

An interactive discussion of the challenges in redesigning GB electricity markets for net zero.

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DSO Markets - download slides

A deep dive into the ESO strategy for facilitating DSO markets across the whole electricity system.

Podcast 1: NOA Pathfinders

Find out what has been achieved, what’s next and how it all fits together.

Podcast 2: Reactive Power

Current state and our plans to co-create a coherent future for reactive procurement.

Podcast 3: Reserve Reform

Introducing our market design and implementation plan.

Podcast 4: Response Reform

Our experience with the new products and what's next.

Podcast 5: Auctions and closer to Real-Time Procurement

An insight into lessons learned and what's next.

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Get involved

As the energy landscape evolves, so must we. Our ambition is to work with industry and we intend to regularly update the roadmap based on feedback from our stakeholders.

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