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How we're performing under RIIO-2
Our RIIO-2 Business Plan

From April 2021 new RIIO-2 price controls will determine the amount we can earn for the projects we deliver and the services we provide.

On this page, you will find our performance reports, which form part of our evaluative incentive scheme.

What is an evaluative incentive scheme?

Under the ESO’s evaluative incentive scheme, a Performance Panel scores how well we have delivered the objectives set out in our RIIO-2 business plan.

Our regulator, Ofgem, then converts these scores into a financial reward or penalty.

The RIIO-2 framework divides the ESO’s activities into three roles:

  • Role 1: Control centre operations

  • Role 2: Market development and transactions

  • Role 3: System insight, planning and network development

The reports on this page perform part of the evaluation process, and provide a transparent summary of our activities.

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2021-23 18-Month Report

Our 18-Month Report sets out what we have delivered over the period of April 2022 to September 2022.

18-Month Report

Performance documents 2021-23

2022-23 Ofgem and ESO meeting minutes

How we report on our progress

The Performance Panel assesses our performance according to five criteria: 

  1. Plan Delivery (completing the activities set out in the Delivery Schedule)

  2. Metric Performance (please refer to the metrics set out by Ofgem in annex 1 of the ESORI guidance)

  3. Stakeholder Evidence

  4. Demonstration of Plan Benefits

  5. Value for Money

In line with Ofgem’s ESORI guidance, we publish a report on this page every month. The reports vary in their contents and significance: 

Monthly reports


(17th working day)

An update on monthly Metrics and Regularly Reported Evidence, and notable events.

We also publish the minutes of our monthly performance meetings with Ofgem

Quarterly reports

Q1: 17th working day of July

Q3: 17th working day of January

In addition to the above, Quarterly reports also provide an update on quarterly Metrics and Regularly Reported Evidence.

We also publish an updated Deliverables Tracker on a quarterly basis

Mid- year reports

17th working day of October

In addition to the above, Mid-year reports also provide an update on six-monthly Metrics and Regularly Reported Evidence, as well as information to support our performance in relation to Stakeholder Evidence, Demonstration of Plan Benefits, and Value for Money.

Mid-scheme and End of scheme reports

7 May

In addition to the above, these reports also provide an update on annual Metrics and Regularly Reported Evidence

The Performance Panel scores the ESO’s performance every six months, and Ofgem will decide on our financial reward at the end of the two-year “Business Plan 1” period (in summer 2023). 

See the latest updates from Ofgem on their website

Recent reports

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RIIO-2 Deliverables Tracker

Download the Deliverables Tracker to see the latest status of the projects we're delivering under RIIO-2.

Download document
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Previous documents

See all performance documents which support the evaluative incentive scheme which existed under the Forward Plan, which ran from 2018-21.

Previous documents

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