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Our colleagues are at the heart of the ESO, working hard to operate a safe and reliable electricity system all whilst supporting the transition to a greener, and more efficient system for future generations.

Our National Access Planning team of 70 power system engineers and analysts, based at our offices in Wokingham, carry out a number of roles to manage outage planning for the National Electricity Transmission System.

We have asked a Long-term outage planner, a Medium-term outage planner, a National outage planner, a Regional outage planner and a Constraint analyst to share their background, careers with NGESO and an insight into the roles they currently undertake.

Rachael Enyon edit

A day in the life of Rachael Eynon

Rachael Eynon, a medium-term Power System Engineer in the North Outage Planning team, lets us know about her journey into the ESO and details the complex problem-solving she undertakes in her current role.

Russell Woodman.jpg

A day in the life of Russell Woodman

Russell Woodman, a Power System Engineer in the National Outage Planning team, tells us about his varied career at the ESO and how he came full circle back to his role in the national planning team.

Ian Larrson.jpg

A day in the life of Ian Larsson

Ian Larsson, who is a delivery Power System Engineer in the Scotland Outage Planning Team, shares his experience at the ESO and an insight into what his current role entails.

Ralph Marlow.jpg

A day in the life of Ralph Marlow

Ralph Marlow, who is a Constraint Analyst in the Cost Forecasting and Optimisation team gives an insight into his time at the ESO and what made him embark on a career in the energy industry.